Circuit Board (PCB) Repair

We offer top quality electronic circuit board repair services at unbeatable prices, with speed and reliability.

We have more than 25 years experience in repairing electronic circuit boards for the Defence sector.

We apply innovative techniques to technical - quality control to achieve complete assurance of repair.

We procure spare parts only from the best qualified manufacturers.

We undertake repair of electronic circuit boards that have been immersed - sealed with epoxy resins or varnishes.

We undertake repairs of electronic circuit boards of any type, SMD, BGA REWORK WITH ROBOT MACHINE as well as replicate or build new ones.

We can repair electronic circuit boards from any electronic or electrical device such as: Power Supply, Fire Detection, Automation, Monitors, Ups, Chargers, Inverter, Generators, Measuring Instruments and Rectifiers.

Construction of five (5) A313 type electronic boards and forty-two (42) Time Elements electronics boards of SST-4 torpedoes for the Hellenic Navy.

ARTSAT ELECTRONICS was chosen as the only company from Greece, to study, design, build, certify in a short time (three) 3 months the specific project. The Navy entrusted ARTSAT ELECTRONICS with the assignment of such a complex and demanding project that no other company in the public or private sector had accomplished. The project was delivered by our company with absolute success in its operation.

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